Houston’s Experts in Ergonomic Consulting

Most clients assume that m-erg is a big company. Very few people know that the company was initially made up of just Parker and her cat (the VP of Corporate Wardrobe). She believes her business initially succeeded because she allowed her personality to shine through, but soon learned the value of expanding the persona of the company beyond just her own. “I built m-erg on me, but growth depends on others.”

Who We Are

Martha Parker

Yeah, yeah, we know. She’s awesome.

Will Hood

A thoughtful, knowledgeable specialist who thoroughly listens to the client.

Cynthia Purvis Roe


David Hodge

Mr. Personal

Tom Rowell

Easy-going problem solver.

Ariana Ince

Talented and Authentic

Jennifer Lopez

Top of the Chart.

Sharon Parker

The unseen support beam.

Elyse Ellis

The Fixer

Anuradha Mukherjee

The brilliant and funny sweet berry in the m-erg patch.