More than just the science of sitting

We do all that we do by helping you execute the following:

How We Do It

Increasing workplace satisfaction
If company success is tied to employee happiness, are you hurting your bottom line?
Our specialists will take time to discover and comprehend the client’s needs. Meeting employees’ needs in the workplace keeps them contented and happier longer, minimizing wasted time and increasing workflow capacity.

Increasing productivity
Learn how to master shortcuts so you can work smart AND hard!
Our specialists will work with your employees to determine ways they can work smarter, not necessarily harder. This can include process changes, introduction of new tools, communicating with colleagues more, and learning how to ask for help. We will also work with sponsoring departments to make sure the ergonomic process is easy to understand and work through. Most importantly, we will ensure all ergonomic tools are accessible, so people get the care and assistance they need.

Decreasing costs
Proactive spending vs reactive spending – how much can you save?
Working with our specialists will ensure that if an equipment change needs to be made, it is the correct one. Our vast experience in both equipment and behavior change enables m-erg to help employees make significant changes in the way they work—changes that lead to happier and more productive employees.

Happy employees appreciate their jobs, are willing to work at them, and have positive attitudes. Happy employees are more present while they’re working, and are at work more frequently. In short, happy employees are better employees. Between low absenteeism costs, decreased injury costs, and decreased costs for rework/retrofit of workstations and environments, working with m-erg will make you money!

Decreasing risk
We’ll help you create a culture of awareness and safety!
We will help identify areas of risk for your employees through use of a premier office ergonomic process software tool. Based on risk, we will educate, inform, and evaluate individual employees and eliminate or mitigate that risk. With this awareness, employees exhibit less risky postures, engage in less overall risk at work, and lower their exposure to factors for musculoskeletal disorders.

Decreasing discomfort
There’s a right and a wrong way to use your work equipment: true or false?
Our specialists will coordinate with management to better understand the status and needs of those employees experiencing discomfort, and help everyone else stay discomfort free.

Increasing efficiency
Haste makes waste, and so does inefficiency. Learn what the right tools are, and how to maximize their use.
Our specialists will not only recommend behavior and equipment changes, but teach employees how to make those changes. We will also evaluate ergonomic programs and processes and look for opportunities to reduce overwork, encourage the “correct” action, and provide important and measurable results.