Healthy, wealthy, and wise.

Ergonomics is the study of work and the relationship of that work to the mental and physical capabilities of people. Pretty deep, huh? Your friendly ergonomists at m-erg are certified professionals who care deeply about employee health, efficiency, and productivity.

What We Do


Office ergonomic evaluations

During a consultation, an m-erg specialist will observe common tasks performed by the client throughout the day, making adjustments, behavioral recommendations, and equipment recommendations based upon typical daily activity. Afterward, a client-specific report will be generated, outlining points discussed during the evaluation. A follow-up will be scheduled to ensure the client’s needs have been met and exceeded.

Vehicle Evaluations

This one-on-one consultation includes a review and adjustment of several vehicle features which improve driving comfort and mitigate repetitive stress injuries possibly incurred while driving.

Remote office evaluations

When the specialist and client cannot physically meet for an ergonomic evaluation, a video-based ergonomic evaluation can suffice in its place. This is geared to help workers who do not work in main office headquarters, but still need to be comfortable and more productive in their workplace environment.

Small home/office evaluations

This one-on-one review and adjustment of posture, equipment, and behaviors is geared toward increasing employee productivity and comfort in a home or small office setting.


Walkabouts are designed to mitigate ergonomic issues by allowing employees to access the expertise and knowledge of an ergonomic specialist without scheduling a formal appointment. Let your employees know the m-erg specialists are here to help!


Group Training

Allowing for maximum information with minimal interruption to job duties, one of our highly trained specialists will make an office visit, presenting your company’s specific ergonomic needs. This can include, but is not limited to: equipment training, software training, and company-specific ergonomic procedures and processes.

One-on-one Training

This consists of a personalized review specific to your needs, and modifications to posture, equipment, and behaviors aimed at boosting an employee’s physical comfort and productivity in the workplace.

Ergo Program – Design and Maintenance

Case Management

The certified ergonomists at m-erg will work closely with safety and medical providers to monitor and track employee’s progress from active disease through the recovery process. We will collaborate with your team to help expedite and ease the return-to-work process and more.

Additional Services

Space Planning

Our team works with other verified professionals when preparing and arranging new or retrofitted workspace. We consider layouts, sound, lighting, furniture, fit, finishes, functions and other crucial elements of your office space.

Furniture Specification

We unite and consult with interior designers when specifying equipment and furniture for your workplace.