Work, sleep, workout, lose your mind, repeat! It can be exhausting trying to find that work-life balance and keep a healthy lifestyle. You may be reaching for certain results, yet even with that extra hot yoga session crammed into your week, it’s still not working. You’re running on fumes and sleep is the last thing you want to give up! So, how do you fix this?

That’s where we come in. There is an entire part of the day you are not productively utilizing–work! The next question…how can you make work, work for you instead of the other way around? As ergonomists, we know how to do just that! That’s why we started 1/3 wellness. To help people utilize the 1/3 part of the day they were not thinking about. You spend one part of your day sleeping, one part of your day working, and the rest of the day doing everything else. Instead of cramming more into the “everything else” part of your day, start to utilize the time you have. There’s an entire 1/3 of your day you’re forgetting – WORK! Your office may not offer a mid-afternoon yoga class, but with 1/3 wellness you can still burn some calories and never leave your desk. As your work coaches, we will serve as your accountability partners and help you create a new workstyle. Soon, you will have those results you’ve been searching for!

1/3 wellness shows you how to create a work-life balance in a way that’s never been thought of before. You have more time in the day than you thought, so why not make those extra hours work for you?! Give us a call to learn more about 1/3 wellness today.

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