It’s all in the details … some people might think that what we do as ergonomists is pretty basic, run of the mill, cookie cutter, common-sense stuff – some of that is true. What we do is not rocket science or full of high drama – nobody’s dying waiting for us to evaluate them or recommend the right chair! But what we do a lot of is detail work.

We use all of our senses – sight, sound, touch, smell, taste (okay, maybe a stretch on that last one!) – when we’re performing evaluations of our clients. We look, listen, and feel to seemingly minute details – an inch of adjustment here, a change in job task there – that can make a tremendous amount of difference in the way people perform their jobs effectively and without discomfort.

We know how things work, how to change settings, how to help people learn how to use their “stuff”. We see things that you can’t – it’s hard to see yourself working!  We hear things that you may have gotten used to hearing and can tune them out.  We listen to even little changes in your routine or if you have a new supervisor or work colleagues or have a little family drama.  We pick up on all those little things and we can anticipate how they might affect your ability to do your job well. We can help you manage them.

So, if you think your friendly ergonomist is pretty simple, sometimes that’s the case, but sometimes, it’s all in the details!

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