Ergonomics for the Road

How is your car seat different from your office chair? Probably not as much as you think! Many of the same rules/adjustments apply. Most folks make three position mistakes when driving: Sitting too close to the pedals Sitting too low/high in the seat Having the steering wheel too high Being the correct distance from the […]

A Little Extra Baggage

Your boss is sending you to the annual company conference in San Diego; a privilege for only the most respected executives. When the day arrives, you toss your bag into the Uber, already late, and then you realize. You did it again. You forgot to check in for your flight on time and didn’t splurge […]

A New Way to Work

Work, sleep, workout, lose your mind, repeat! It can be exhausting trying to find that work-life balance and keep a healthy lifestyle. You may be reaching for certain results, yet even with that extra hot yoga session crammed into your week, it’s still not working. You’re running on fumes and sleep is the last thing […]