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m-erg has been rocking and rolling, providing top-tier consulting and face-to-face ergonomic services for over a decade. After celebrating our thirteenth year in business at our lucky number 13 party, we knew things would be coming up clovers for us this year.

Communicating the power of ergonomics is vital to what we do. So, in late 2016, m-erg decided reinvigorate some of our marketing and branding. To get the ball rolling, we picked a new, definitive shade of brown for our logo (did you notice? ?). Next, the entire team used a little elbow grease to freshen up our social channels—and then, the cherry on top—our brand new website.

By now, you may have noticed some new bells and whistles around these pages. We’ve gussied up the m-erg site with bold colors, attention-getting photos, and filled every nook and cranny with helpful text. Now, it’s easier than ever for us to share what m-erg does, and to explain what ergonomic consulting can do for your company’s efficiency and productivity.

This website provides an exciting new platform for us to share our thirteen years of expertise with you. We’re excited to welcome you to the new digital home of m-erg, your friendly ergonomist.

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