Working from home

What a time to be alive! In response to this global pandemic, many offices have now required employees to begin working from home, often with little to no external ergonomic support. We here at m-erg understand the myriad of concerns associated with the current environment and want to make ergonomic issues the least of your […]

Ergonomics for the Road

How is your car seat different from your office chair? Probably not as much as you think! Many of the same rules/adjustments apply. Most folks make three position mistakes when driving: Sitting too close to the pedals Sitting too low/high in the seat Having the steering wheel too high Being the correct distance from the […]

A Little Extra Baggage

Your boss is sending you to the annual company conference in San Diego; a privilege for only the most respected executives. When the day arrives, you toss your bag into the Uber, already late, and then you realize. You did it again. You forgot to check in for your flight on time and didn’t splurge […]

A New Way to Work

Work, sleep, workout, lose your mind, repeat! It can be exhausting trying to find that work-life balance and keep a healthy lifestyle. You may be reaching for certain results, yet even with that extra hot yoga session crammed into your week, it’s still not working. You’re running on fumes and sleep is the last thing […]

It’s All in the Details

It’s all in the details … some people might think that what we do as ergonomists is pretty basic, run of the mill, cookie cutter, common-sense stuff – some of that is true. What we do is not rocket science or full of high drama – nobody’s dying waiting for us to evaluate them or […]

TAMU Presents SEAT

Here at m-erg, we know a thing or two about workplace injuries experienced behind a desk. Poorly designed software is one factor that can cause serious hand and wrist problems, disabling workers from doing their job. Over at the Texas A&M School of Public Health, researchers are creating a tool that could help develop safer […]

40 Lbs. Ago

Today, we performed an evaluation of a client who felt as if things were just “not quite right”. Now, this woman happens to have been seen by us a few times, she’s been educated in ergonomics and the basics for a number of years. She’s pretty on top of it, so it seemed a little […]

Ouch Free Ergonomic Seating!

Sitting is the new smoking, right? This controversial headline has made its way through every article and research paper around. If sitting is detrimental to your health, then we need to find a comparable solution! Over the years, we’ve seen numerous gimmicks that aim to remedy this issue—we all remember the yoga-ball-chair of the early […]

The 4 M’s

  Fancy new desk chairs and state-of-the-art standing desks can improve the workplace, but you don’t need to break the bank with new equipment to see the benefit of ergonomics in your workday. Many of the most helpful ergonomic practices are habits you can add to your daily routine. This post on The 4 M’s […]

We All Belong Here

As a woman-owned business, we at m-erg are passionate about causes that promote an entrepreneurial spirit, especially when they apply to girls. Particularly in political office, women are greatly outnumbered in our country’s representation. We believe the way to change this starts with our children, and IGNITE National’s We All Belong Here campaign is promoting […]